yggdrasill 1

feel fine feel love …

02. The Moon and the Sun – ANECHOIS

03. My name – START OF THE DAY
When I was young at heart the sky was so high, a vast world
Roads continued on and on You called out my name
Happy times, Sad times, Angry times, Painful times
You always smile in the end You taught me that
After growing up The sky seemed low The world became a little less happy
But there are things in my heart I can not forget
From the tears on your cheeks I will lend you my strength so don’t you cry now be still
Your love is hope Your smile is hope
Your all is hope You’re the only one

子どもの頃 空は高く 世界は広く 道はどこまでも続いていた
あなたは呼んだ 私の名を
嬉しいときも 悲しいときも 怒ったときも 苦しいときも
あなたは最後に笑い 教えてくれた
大人になり 空は低く 世界は何だか苦しくなった
だけど心には 忘れられないものがある
頬を濡らすあなたに あの時もらった勇気を分けるよ だからもう 泣かないで
あなたの愛は希望だ あなたの笑顔は希望だ あなたの全てが希望だ
あなたは あなたしかいないんだから

04. Sing – JIMMY JIMMY
Everything about my world and this moment swept us away.
We are so far away,the sky falls (come away!come away!)
Stars shine, your love surrounds me now
I sing i sing what you dream Waiting for my world crashing down
I sing i sing what you see I can feel the gravity
Drowning just as fast as i can
On the brink of something beautiful
But i don’t know where to begin
oh can you feel it
I lie awake,there’s nothing i can try
Can’t hide from you, your overwhelming grace

05. Love and Serenity – ANECHOIS (feat. Samantha Teng)
The moon and the stars within our reach
A scene of serenity playing in our minds
Cloud of smoke shadows our consciousness
like the misting of windows on a cold rainy autumn
I can give you my light I can give my warmth (warmth of your touch)
If only you give me a chance (chance upon this light you gave)
In darkness we’ll seek love and serenity
In space of time we will see

06. Heaven – START OF THE DAY
I say Goodbye Until we meet again
You threw everything away, Laughing all the while
The unleashed you Is more beautiful than anything
Between light and dark Someone will ask of you
In a field of flowers On the edge of a river blue
Someone will ask of you
Ascending a staircase of gray
Painted silver-white and bathed in blinding light

いってらっしゃい また会う日まで
何もかも脱ぎ捨てて 顏をくしゃくしゃにしながら笑っていた
解き放たれた君は 何よりも美しかった
光と闇の狭間で ある者は尋ねるでしょう
高原に広がる花畑の真ん中で 澄み切った青い川の近くで
きっと君は灰色の階段を登り 眩い光を浴びて白銀に染まる